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Every day potential customers are looking for goods and services. Years ago they would pick up a phone book  and look up the business that had what they need and made a purchase. But now that is no longer the way of life. Today’s consumers whether they are looking for a lawyer, a travel agent, merchandise, or even something to order out to eat all rely more on the internet and what web sites are served to them from search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Most small business  are lucky to just have a listing in an online yellow pages or a basic web page. Though this does not lead to many new sales and customers. No one wants to lose sales but how do you compete with the national brands and companies out there? The answer is simple, we at DiNovo Web Solutions are here to help you bridge that gap and generate new sales and new customers by tapping into the internet with a web site designed to meet your needs and grow your company and improve sales.

DiNovo Web Solutions has been building and maintaining web sites for many local business since 2009 and unlike many of our competitors we are a  locally owned small business and understand your needs. We build million dollar looking web sites for a fraction of the cost and provide from a basic web page to a fully integrated e-commerce platform where your business is taking orders online and having customers pick them up or you shipping to them across the globe.

By being able to compete with the franchises, corporations, and  along with other local business who already successfully made the transition to having a online presence. Your business will continue to grow and thrive in today’s market.

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